24 March 2013

The Patriot blister from ZombieSmith review

I was made aware of this blister over at TMP, one user saw my comment about me wanting miniatures representing Mel Gibson and his two sons from the scene where they wipe out a small British column.
And guess what, there is a 28mm version of all 3 characters! The manufacturer is ZombieSmith and the miniatures are very affordable going for 9USD.
The sculpts are great and look the part, can't wait to paint them up and use them in my Muskets & Tomahawks games (maybe they'll give me a reason to branch out beyond French & Indian War into AWI).

I was a bit worried about the scale since such things are hard to judge and there were no comparison shots. Luckily the size of the sculpt fits in very well with the likes of Perry and Conquest miniatures, they are a bit too realistic in their proportions and too short to be fully compatible with Front Rank and Redoubt Miniatures though. But since the majority of my collection is made up of Perry and Conquest figures that doesn't matter to me.

Very little flash and good metal quality as well. Great customer service from the guy running the shop on top of that! Highly recommend these for anyone who wants to add armed kids to their 18th century force or introduce the character of Benjamin Martin onto their tabletop.

You can find the miniatures here:

Pictures of the painted models will be up tomorrow.


  1. Thanks for the review. I bought all three figures! I can't wait to paint up an American militia unit and sprinkle them in.

  2. I don't play that period, but I love what you're doing with it! Keep the good work.


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