25 March 2013

The Patriot blister painted up

"Aim small, miss small", everyone who has seen "The Patriot" with Mel Gibson instantly recognizes those words. It is perhaps the most ludicrous and at the same time the most awesome scene in the movie (which is a guilty pleasure I watch for the battle scenes alone). Mel and his two sons who are both around 10 years old single handedly annihilate a column of at least 20 British regular soldiers!

In any case, as soon as I learned that someone (ZombieSmith) produced models to represent this trio of characters I bought them without hesitation. The sculpts are great and paint up really well. I just noticed that one of the eyes of Mel Gibson's character look a bit off on the pictures - strangely it doesn't IRL. Will need to look into that a bit closer, sometimes it takes extremely little to make eyes look bad on this scale.

In any case, they will be used for Muskets & Tomahawks games, I will need to come up with some clever rules for them, but for now they will serve or civilians and militia.


  1. Great looking models.

    I have to giggle as to how one man and two boys can take out 20 trained professional soldiers but that's Hollywood for you!

  2. As Jay said...and always so quick! I envy your skills sir.

  3. in hollywood they can. on the battlefield they get slaughtered by a trio of indians..

  4. Great work, must admit its a fave movie here abouts too, similarly for the battle scenes...

  5. Thanks guys, glad you like them :-)

    @Thomas, LOL! Too true :-D

  6. Great paintig as always and lovely minis. I remember now seeing the grenns for them ages ago but completly forgot about them.


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