27 April 2013

17th century Wooden Church painted up

And here is the Wooden Church painted up and ready to be plundered by Swedes and other invading nations. The building, like any other from the Wargamer.pl range, pretty much paints itself. It doesn't require any effort to look good as it is well textured and allows for a great result with just a mix of drybrushing and washes.

Wish the pictures were better though, but the lightning here at home sucks for taking pictures of large objects - I will take better pictures of this tomorrow down at the club when I demo By Fire & Sword.

Not much more to say, it's a great addition to my 17th century building collection, now I just need some smaller peasant huts and barns to go with the large buildings (Inn, Church, Farmyard and Windmill).

Terrain like this can of course be used for larger division sized battles, but you really want a lot of open spaces for your regiments to maneuver on that level of the game. In Skirmish scenarios however, I can see having built up areas since you only handle small units of 2-4 bases (or slightly larger if you merge them into squadrons). There is even one scenario that requires a village in the center of the table to be fought over.
Edit: As it was asked previously, the terrain piece is 15mm scale. This piece was bought at Salute and have not yet made its way into the Wargamer.pl terrain catalogue, but should be added in the near future.


  1. Excellent building as always.
    All your By Fire and Sword items are very good and the AAR are great.
    It is a period I might get into, but I know nothing about it. Can you suggest any books on the period?

    Cheers Dave.

    1. Kickstarter campaing is on so it is a great time to start.

  2. Well, fiction wise I would recommend "The Trilogy" by Henryk Sienkiewicz. It is available in English and covers the period and the wars of the game very well (with some historical liberties as they are adventure books at heart). Other than that the rulebook for BFaS actually contains a ton of useful information on all the nations, units, formations and so on. It's a rich source of historical background knowledge.

  3. Fabulous looking building. As with all of your painted works.

  4. That's a great looking building!!!!


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