26 April 2013

17th century Wooden Church review

The Wooden Church is the latest addition to the terrain offered by Wargamer.pl for their game By Fire & Sword. I have previously reviewed and painted up a couple of their excellent pieces, you can find the links for those at the end of this review.

As usual the model has excellent wooden textures, authentic design to make it fit in with 17th century Eastern Europe and radiates a lot of character. Cast in resin the building itself is as always hollow so that you can leave the roof to be removed during games if you like. The By Fire & Sword rules to include rules of occupying and firing out of buildings and all the buildings in the BFaS terrain range are actually sculpted so that you will be able to fix the correct amount of bases into the building instead of having to calculate how many you can put inside.

I will probably glue my roof in place, just as I did so on the previous buildings as I don't have a problem putting miniatures to the side of the table and saying which are currently in the building and what buildings are occupied. The main reason however for my choice in regard to this building is, while the roof is clean cast and fits perfectly, I'm worried that the smaller rooftops at both ends may have the paint chipped during removal of the roof. It's just a personal preference.

The main roof is cast in a solid piece of resin, as always. My bag contained two alternate options for the bell tower, one with just a roof and one with an additional set of windows and floor to make it slightly taller. You also get a small resin cross which comes notched at the base so that you can glue it onto the angled rooftop without problem.

It's a huge model as you can see from the comparison pictures with the miniatures. Not much more to say beside that I don't think I will be putting this one on a plasticard base as I did with the others. The simple reason for that being that there are no loose parts or really anything fragile being part of the kit. The base is quite solid and there is no risk of breaking off any parts.

This kit went for £25 at Salute, quite a decent price for such a big model I would think. You should be able to buy this model from Wargamer.pl or any other retailer that currently sells the By Fire & Sword range of miniatures and terrain (Warpath in US, Northstar Military Figures in the UK and Frontline Games in Germany). Stay tuned for my painted end result.

Links to all shops HERE

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Polish Inn



1 comment:

  1. Great model.

    I particularly like the sculpted wood texture. I also think you have done a great job basing and painting it.

    I have browsed back over your Blog and think my favourite is the windmill.

    Thank you for posting both raw resin and finished model images.



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