13 April 2013

Assembling and painting Polish Winged Hussars part 5

Starting the work on the riders, which are not half as demanding as the horses - but still require a fair amount of time to look the part.

What I do with these, and also the Pancerni medium cavalry, is that I drybrush them with a metal color over the black undercoat and paint all the metallic areas on their armour before moving on. Common painter sense dictates that you paint miniatures from "the skin and outwards", this means that painting the flesh and then every layer of cloth and armour as you would dress yourself, this because it makes it easier to clean up mistakes as you move forward.

However, with these miniatures I have found that it is much quicker and a lot more safe to do the "dirty part" of drybrushing and washing metal colors first before painting the clothes and skin. It saves time.

The armour is first given a thorough dyrbrush of "Boltgun metal", washed with Army Painter "Dark Tone", given a drybrush of Vallejo "Mithril Silver". Then the gold details are picked out with Vallejo Shining gold, after which the entire armour is washed once again with Dark Tone, but this time in a very thinned down ratio so that it only darkens and shades everything softly.

After this I paint the pants, jacket, skin and facial hair. I finished the session by cleaning everything else up with black color. I'll show the last step and finished end result tomorrow.

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