11 April 2013

Assembling and painting Polish Winged Hussars part 3

This is probably the most time consuming step, but it also offers some fun painting as you can paint each horse blanket differently. I used a bunch of photos and painting as inspiration for these 9 different horse blankets. In some ways the miniatures may appear less flashy compared to the first three bases, but you will see that everything comes together in a myriad of colors, shiny steel, gold and banners in the end.

You may notice that the feathers on the wings aren't painted yet, you can actually go with black feathers if you want. That would be the easy way out, as it would just require a light drybrush of dark grey. I'm not completely certain if the black feathers were restricted to the "early" Winged Hussars (those with the smaller wings) only or if they appeared on the "late" Winged Hussars as well (larger wings). Paintings often show the feathers to be either black, white, or white with black tips.

As this painting session was quite long and exhausting I stopped here. The feathers require a great deal of attention and steady hand and are thus best saved for a different day if you have already painted for several hours.


  1. Coming along quite nicely. I like the added detail.

  2. Very nice! I really like the different designs on the blankets, I think it's important to have variety in the unit, both in painting and poses/sculpts so that the unit is even more eye-catching.

  3. Those look great Alex! I love the Winged Hussars almost as much as my HRE Cuirassiers. :)

  4. Thanks guys, I hope this step by step approach doesn't become tedious to watch :-)

  5. Not sure metallics look right at this scale. I'm gonna go with dark to light greys. Just played a demo. Love the sculpts


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