21 April 2013

By Fire & Sword Kickstarter is up!

Barely got home from Salute so I'm still quite spent - BUT - as I talked with Konrad at the convention yesterday I learned that they would launch their crowdfunding for the new English version rulebook this very Sunday. The book looks fantastic, the binding is very very good and improved over the Polish version (and it also includes all the errata material). I will talk more about the English book in a day or two.

There was a lot of buzz about the game at Salute when I talked to different people at various places and traders, and the limited printed run the guys from Wargamer had brought with them were selling really well - as did the boxed sets of miniatures.

Here is the link to the Kickstarter, http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1729776659/by-fire-and-sword-historical-tabletop-wargame

If I may suggest a pledge level for complete newcomers, it would be the "Winged hussar Bannerman" at 110$. This includes the 400 page thick rulebook and a skirmish set of miniatures to get you started with an army of your choice (the skirmish games are well fleshed out in the rules with scenarios and have been the standard sized tournament games in Poland during the past year.

The Winged Hussar lieutenant level at 170$ is also a great deal as it includes two skirmish sets so you can get started with a friend.

You can read my review of the rules (Polish version released last year) in these posts:





  1. Binding was a problem in Polish version. If it is improved then the book has no weak pionts... Well. It is BIG but is this a waek point?

    I confirm. Rafal wrote about it. English version has errata, minor rules changes and statistics included.

    Skirmish sets are great to start. Patrol / skirmish battles are different from division but still an action pack! Very fun and awarding for a skilled tactician.

    1. The guys and me look forward to start playing the Skirmish battles, we have so far only been playing division fights at the club. But since the English version was bought by most of the guys, many have been pushed to start painting/finishing their armies.

      I hope to play some BFaS this coming weekend already :-D
      Just reading a bit about the Deluge expansion ideas made me think what a great idea that actually is that the game includes both small scale and large scale battles within the same rule system.

    2. Where did You find those info about Deluge? Skirmish battles are great. We do have a tournament system that allows to prepare 3 roosters for each tournament and choose one after You know what army You face in a next game. Not all lists and compositions are good vs all enemies.This system allows You to plan the whole tournament. It is good for home games as well!

    3. There is a tiny bit of info about "Deluge" on page 174 in the English rulebook. It just describes the content the army lists of the core rulebook are called "Republic in flames" and how they relate to other stuff.

  2. Just a follow up question from an interested kickstarter watcher. Do the skirmish starter sets give you enough forces to come up with a variety of options? Or is it a situation where the starter set is just big enough to give you a minimum size force that you need to add to in order to really enjoy skirmish?

    1. Hi Wayne, it really depends on the nation, some nations like Sweden had just a couple of troop types used for skirmish missions so their set includes mostly Reiters and Dragoons. The Poles who had a wide variety of light cavalry troops throughout the period the game takes place have various types of light and medium cavalry.

      On the up side of things for those skirmish sets that have few troop types - it makes it easier to transform the skirmish force into regiments for division level games which require 3-5 regiments to play.

      You can read about what types of troops are included in the skirmish sets in the very long comments with information posted on the KS early on http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1729776659/by-fire-and-sword-historical-tabletop-wargame/comments

      I intend to make a post about skirmish lists and army building this coming week to help people understand the concept of army building in this game :-)

  3. Great Anatoli

    I look forward to your post (although my wallet is dreading it!)


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