28 April 2013

By Fire & Sword skirmish roster sheets

As I'm off to play my first Skirmish level battle and demo the rules of By Fire & Sword down at the club I took the time to translate the Polish roster sheet into English.

There are two download version, one regular and one "landscape" layout that is larger for those having trouble filling out the regular slightly smaller one.

It should have all the information available for quick reference once filled out correctly, such as reconnaissance points, force strength and an entry for each unit type with their special rules, ammo count etc being readily accessible.

You can download the regular version HERE

And the landscape layout version HERE


  1. Great job but there are few things that can be improved.

    You can not have more that 2 commanders in a skirmish lvl. There should also be an informaction about losses. 10/25/50/75/75+ %.

  2. Well if I understand correctly the Swedish Skirmish force 1648-60 can have both the commanding officer (Colonel) and a Lieutenant-colonel and a Major?

    I actually wrote a crib sheet for calculating skirmish level victories, but am going to ask Wargamer.pl for permission to post that as it includes a few pieces from the rulebook.

  3. True. My mistake. Swedish skirmish is an exeption.

  4. Hello Anatoli,

    Thanks for putting up the basics of how to put together the skirmish level army and division army level. The pictures of your figures and the annotations with the explanations. Even though I am going to do the Swedish, the basics applies to them as well.

    I have told my friend to check out your sight as he will be doing the polish. These two examples will help him immensely.

    We did have 1 question about the artillery packs. Do they come with mutiple barrels to make different type/caliber guns? or are they different. If they are different, how/where did you get your guns for the Polish?

    This one is for me, Is there anyway you could get your friends that collect the Swedes together and do a similar breakdown for skirmish and division construction basics? I know this may be much to ask but it would be appreciated by myself and any other Swedish player. Just a thought.

    Finally, when do you think your next game will be. I also look forward to reading you battle reports. I have probably read some of the reports and looked at the pictures more than a half dozen times.

    Thanks again and keep up the good informative work.


    1. Hi Rich,

      The Polish artillery blister includes 2 light artillery and 1 multi barreled cannon (the latter is limited to 1 per army). Other than that no they are fixed size so you can run them as any light artillery only. Medium artillery (6pdr) has not been released for the Polish army yet, but you may be able to find alternatives from a different manufacturer if you really want those big guns.

      I could perhaps compile something similar for the Swedes, but have you seen the official Wargamer PDF army list up for download which is there to help the Swedish players on the Kickstarter?

  5. Hello Anatoli,

    Thanks for the info. How did you go about getting your Falconets you used in your battle reports? Are they from a different line? If so, which one? Or did you buy 2 blisters of Artillery?

    Yes, I did and that helped out too. I guess, you can say that I was hoping to see more painted Swedes. Besides, when you have painted figures and do it the way you have done, it kind of gets you even more excited. It's the eye candy, the visual stimulus. You know how it is for us wargamers, nothing like a table full of painted miniatures to have us goo goo gaa gaa'ing. :-p

    thanks again my friend. Cant' wait to see what you will post next.


    1. The Falconets and Polish-hungarian infantry are from Legio-Heroica. An Italian manufacturer who has a limited range of Polish and Ottoman troops from the siege of Vienna 1683. I just bought the artillery and infantry from there since neither option was available from Wargamer.

      Well we played 2 games today, but there was no time to arrange the miniatures and take pictures of the Swedes the way I did at my home with the Poles. My opponent also didn't have all choices for his Skirmish lists which made it a bit pointless imo if I could not show all the units and how they could be swapped out etc.

      Up next are some pictures of a Pancerni unit with spears, and two AAR from two exciting Skirmish level games played at the club :-)


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