16 April 2013

Danish Reiters WIP by Andreas "Deathbullar"

I was not the only one working on By Fire & Sword miniatures last week, Andreas got motivated by the imminent trip to Salute and began painting his "Danish" Reiters.

The miniatures are the Swedish Reiter boxed set which he has converted with a ton of tiny details made out of green stuff (wish I had taken a picture of that process  a couple of months ago). Bags of loot, added moustache and hair and so on. As he was sitting and painting last weekend at the club I took a look at the WIP minis and thought the painting was really good. Can't wait to see the finished result, hopefully Andreas will work on his Ottoman skirmish set next so that we can have a couple of games the weekend after Salute.

There are no rules for Danes in the game yet, but the guys at the club really want that nation to be included so they can refight "the battle of Lund" among other things. IIRC the possibility of a PDF with Danish OoB was mentioned a while back, will ask about it again on Salute when I meet the Wargamer staff.

With Andreas finally working on his minis I also need to check up on Christian and see how his Cossacks are coming along. It will be great to fight other armies than the Swedes.


  1. There will be Danish army but not for Scanian War, only for Dano-Swedish war 1657-1658 (so Danish reiters will not have option to gather much loot there, I'm afraid...). I've already gathered quite a lot of info for it, although cannot promise that will be available before end of year. First we need to translate already available 'pdf' armies - Courland and Gdańsk.

    1. Thanks for the info, Gdansk and Courland in English would be great, as would all the other released skirmish lists for the Poles :-)

  2. Yeah, we will gradually add them as well. Poles do not have any skirmish lists yet, Lithuanians have two ;) Swedes, Cossacks and Muscovites have one each and there is one joint Turkish-Tatars group.


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