06 April 2013

My Salute ticket arrived

Very excited, my Salute ticket arrived yesterday. I was actually half worried since I expected a PDF ticket when I ordered it - but received no information on the format or how it was going to be shipped. Only thing I received was a PayPal notification that the item was dispatched just before Easter.

This will be my first visit to Salute, and even though getting there and staying at a hotel overnight was expensive I just could not pass on the opportunity to meet the By Fire & Sword crew who will be having a pre-premiere of their game in English at Salute (and grab a copy of the book I have been waiting for to be translated for over a year!).

It will also be nice to finally meet West Wind's Andy and Wendy Cooper and talk about their recent Kickstarter for Empire of the Dead.

Andreas and Christian from the club are also going so it should be fun (and between us I think we will fill that "20kg limit" travel suitcase that the airplane tickets allowed for with stuff LOL!

Of course I'll bring my camera and make sure to take pictures of all the cool stuff/demo games going on.


  1. So, maybe see you there?



    1. We may bump into each other either at the West Wind or Wargamer stand, I figure I will be spending a lot of time at both :-)

  2. have a realy nice time !

    I envy you:)

    Best regards Michael

  3. See you around By Fire and Sword Table i will be there to :)

  4. i look forwadr to reading the report from salute!


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