17 April 2013

Pictures from Empire of the Dead games from 14/4

A bit of Empire of the Dead was played at the club this weekend. Gentlemen vs Holy order and Gentlemen vs Lyacon. Both games had gangs based around 150 shilling lists. The Lyacon and Holy Order were played with proxy models and such so that my friend could try them out.

The first game we played was the "Artifact Hunt" scenario, it's funny how so far I always seem to roll 9+ when looking at the first objective marker and instantly finding the treasure. The Gentlemen played by me despite having discovered the treasure failed to leave the table alive! The Holy Order members managed to shoot and kill my Vice President carrying the objective and then sniped the remaining members with a mix of Rifles and pistols so that only a single Gentlemen Membership remained (and fled off table in wild panic).

The second game was between the Gentlemen and Lyacon, this was a demo game between two friends and I didn't look too close when they were playing but snapped a few pictures when checking in on them.
From what I heard the Lyacons ripped the Gentlemen to pieces.

Also, sorry for the lackluster written content of late for EotD, I just didn't have my notebook with me this time around either, and the game progressed slowly due to lots of talk and people walking around our game so it was quite distracting and didn't make for the most focused game unfortunately.

 And a few pics of the Gentlemen vs Lyacon game


  1. Focused games or not, I'm still envious of the fact that you have people to play against! :P

  2. No need to apologize, always good to see nice pics of games in action.

  3. We have the opposite problem - no one ever roles a 9 or 10 and there never ends up being an artefact. By the way a gyro copter is very handy with getting the artefact of the table, if you can afford one. I do find the more you develop your faction the more fun this game is. The arcane powers come in and you get to develop your faction in your own unique way. You can also afford to hire some of the extra guys. 250 shillings is a good amount for that.

    Always enjoy your battle reports and the variety of games you play. Looks like a fun club you have there.


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