02 April 2013

Star Wars X-wing, pictures from 4 games

Patrik brought X-wing down to the club this weekend and I got to play 4 games. This was only my second time playing the game as I had tested it briefly with Andreas a couple of weeks ago, but this time around we played for a couple of hours which meant I started to grasp the rules and gameplay towards the end.

Patrik had bought a bunch of the new ships, such as the Tie Interceptors and A-wings, and as I really like the A-wing I included at least 1 in every one of the four games that we played. They are really cool but so fast that they made me too eager to get in close and personal with the Imperial ships without thinking (and got me killed a lot).

Still, it seemed that I played a lot better when I was able to channel all my focus into the single surviving A-wing I had left in our third game, and was able to successfully dogfight 3 Tie Interceptors, some of them damaged, and destroy 2. I would have destroyed the 3rd as well but the dice failed me. The situation was as such that I had 2 shields and 2 hull points left (completely untouched), the enemy Tie Interceptor fired and scored 4 hits, I had only to save one single damage roll to survive and fire back to destroy the enemy. Of course I failed all my save rolls....

The game with Patrik totally sold me on X-wing and I will see if I can get hold of a copy for review as this is a really good game.

The pictures in this post are from all 4 games, I tried the A-wing with X and Y-wing combinations. Towards the end I played with 2x A-wings and one of the other ships, if Patrik would have had 3x A-wings I would have given that combination a shot and think that would be the best way to handle the Tie Interceptors. Patrik flew with his Tie Interceptors in a tight formation which made them extremely lethal and effective. It’s actually quite funny how the only competent fighting force of the Empire seems to be its navy, and in X-wing you really have to respect the Imperial ships and pilots as there certainly isn’t no “stormtrooper effect” going on here.


  1. David "Molle" MolanderApril 2, 2013 at 1:31 PM

    Looks like a fun game. And the Navy aspect of the Star Wars franchise is my favorite part of the genre. Dont give the empire chappies to much of a hard time though, They suffer from the "George - Franchise-icide - Lukas" effect, which renders all training and equipment null and void when a farm boy from the desert or his raggamuffin chums comes along

  2. X-Wing is a lot of fun. Tough part about using just A-Wings to hunt TIE Interceptors is the Imperials can stack evade + 3 defense dice (Soontir can do evade + focus + 3 defense) and you can't roll better than 3 to attack without using missiles or having access to the "Expose" action (+1 attack, -1 defense). That said, I really like how manueverable the A-Wing is and it is a lot of fun to fly one...

  3. This game is very tempting!! Good pictures, I like those Imperial Interceptors a lot. Well done!!


  4. Have to agree X-wing is a great game. Already got 2 members of my club purchasing box sets. We did a game last week with 22 fighters on the table.

  5. This game looks fantastic. I have seen it around and about, and have been after some good insight into whether it would be worth buying into :)



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