07 April 2013

Wargaming weekend at casa Fridland

Patrik's girlfriend went away for the weekend so Patrik turned his home into a big boys gaming weekend spanning Friday-Sunday, food and booze included (how about scrambled eggs with bacon and sausages for breakfast and beer to wash it down LOL). Lots of guys attending and lots of games being played. I went over this Saturday and got to play both Star Wars: X-wing (300 points with 3 players on each side) and Spartacus the boardgame. I also brought along Muskets & Tomahawks which Thomas got to demo for Viktor (who had to leave early last time we played it).

It was great fun, and a very laid back atmosphere. I took some pictures of the games played during Saturday, though not all of them. Pictures show Star Wars: X-wing, Spartacus the boardgame, Man-O-War and Muskets & Tomahawks.

Today, Sunday, I'm going into Lund to demo Empire of the Dead for Johan who seemed to become interested in the game after having seen the Kickstarter a couple of weeks ago. Should be fun, there will be pictures of that as well up on the blog within a day or two.


  1. Wahou. A Man o'war game means it was a real great night.

  2. Now that's a good idea. I'll have to keep that in mind if the wife ever takes the kids away for the weekend.

  3. Yeah it was great fun and really nice. Everyone pitched in with cash for Patrik so he could buy food and drinks as well, of which there was a lot :-)

  4. it was a great weekend of gaming and hanging out. the saturday breakfast was awesome but on sunday i swinged by McDonalds and bought a bunch of cheese burgers and doughnuts . we cut them in quarters and had that with the egg ang bacon. that wasn't very healthy but who cares!

    in the M&T game my french regulars got beaten bloody by the skirmishing indians who had to pay a high price for their victory. my officer i this game was itching for combat and had to kill six opponents to accomplish his side plot and viktors sashern had a group of six plains indians who he didnt come along so well with and managed to accomplish his side plot by making sure that they didn't survive the day. good fun as always.

    1. No traitor/madman/coward character this time LOL :-D ?

  5. Looks like a blast. I envy you guys I haven't done anything like this since college.

  6. Awesome looks like a good weekend.

  7. It was really awesome!
    Sadly I got aboiut 8 hours of sleep in total..But totally worth it...=D


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