31 May 2013

15mm historical characters from Kazrak Miniatures

Last week I received the first blister of historical characters from the Polish manufacturer "Kazrak Miniatures" which is just starting out. The company is going to provide both historical miniatures and a service of sculpting and casting miniatures on demand.

Also on their release schedule and future plans are a Spartan army for DBA, Armia Krajowa soldiers (one blister of regular soldiers, and one with support weapons) and terrain for Warsaw Uprising 1944 for Flames of War and other 15mm WW2 games.

They also plan to sculpt and release Slavic infantry in 28mm for SAGA.

You can find Kazrak miniatures store HERE and on Facebook HERE

And you can get the current and all future releases from Kazrak through Wargamer.pl HERE
First batch of characters is Leonidas, Julius Caesar, William Wallace and Alexander the Great.


  1. They look really good. Great paint job, hard to believe they are 15mm.

  2. Nice painting I wish them well. They could do well with Flames of War.

  3. Well those guys are more of a tribute to 'historical' movies than history itself but the detail is certainly good, Leonidas and Alexander especially.


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