29 May 2013

17th century Polish-Lithuanian village

Just wanted to share a few pictures of the houses me and Andreas have in our collection. The buildings are a mix of Wargamer and an unknown manufacturer, the number of buildings allow us to properly equip table for the "Forage supplies" scenario where you should ideally have 3 buildings at each edge of the table. But we may also field a cull village like this if we would want to, though I must advice against such terrain density as shown on these pictures (which are just for show) since it would make moving units around very difficult. Though I can see it working on a larger table like a 6x4' /180x120cm playing area during division games with 1 side defending an entire village from the enemy attack. Or perhaps some kind of custom scenario for Skirmish level games where you have a village in the middle of the board and the enemy attacks you from two fronts with overwhelming forces. Worth thinking about.

In any case, some great buildings right there.


  1. Great looking village, I do like the buildings!

  2. Show off. Seriously looking nice. All this By Fore and Sword is making me excited to get my figures from the kickstarter

    1. I too am waiting for the KS to deliver - I'm just worried the delivery from Wargamer.pl may occur at the same time as the delivery from West Wind Requiem kickstarter, in which case I'm buried in lead :-D

      It's going to be great to play this with all the guys at the club though, I'm currently painting my last few units (very last banner of cossack cavalry, and then a banner of Pancerni). After that I will finally be done with painting the Polish-Lithuanian cavalry and pick up some Reiters with western uniforms and looks for my Lithuanian skirmish lists :-)

      I'm starting to feel the Stockholm syndrome with painting all the cavalry.


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