13 May 2013

6mm Confederate infantry regiment painted up

Not the most fun I've had, but not a murderous task either, painting these 6mm dudes.
I picked the Confederates when Thomas asked which side I would be interested in. From what I've read their troops/armies tended to be a bit smaller but also performed/were led better. But the main reason is that they have a lot more variety in colors on their uniforms within the units, a mix and match that would be a lot more rewarding to paint than simply dark blue jackets and light blue pants for the Union side of things.

I had to paint these miniatures separately since they are super tiny and then packed tight on the bases. As such the basing had to be done once everything else is finished, which is the exact opposite of how I usually do things. Usually I trim the miniatures, glue them onto bases, add sand and then undercoat with black spray. Impossible in this situation, and it will be the one thing that won't stop annoying me with this project. The end result should be worth it.

The idea is to play "Longstreet" and according the what me and Thomas have found out so far is that infantry regiments are made up of 10 bases, cavalry of 8. We use 2x4cm for "double bases" to make moving them around easier, and a couple of 2x2cm bases to help out in casualty removal.

Each 2x2cm area holds 2 strips of infantry and a total of 8 soldiers.


  1. Great work!

    The Baccus figures look great might have to try some of them myself.

  2. Well I think I have to get some figs too


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