12 May 2013

Baccus 6mm ACW Confederate infantry review

Thomas lured me into a completely insane project, ACW in 6mm - I suspect it is all part of a plot to make me blind. The plan is to play Sam Mustafa's "Longstreet" rules once those are released.
Until then I have a lot of 6mm stuff to paint.

This is not my first take on 6mm, I have already painted some 6mm WW2 tanks. This is however the first time I handle infantry and stuff that actually has a bit more detail to it.

Thomas recommended Baccus since this manufacturer has a lot of detail on their miniatures as opposed of just "blobs". And indeed, looking at the infantry strips there is an impressive amount of detail to be found. It may be a bit hard to see it all before you paint them - but it's there trust me. So far I've only tinkered with the infantry, and only 1 unit at a time. I will return with a review of  the cavalry and artillery soon enough.

The infantry comes on strips with 4 infantrymen on each. There is very little flash on the infantry so I actually did the unthinkable and didn't bother trimming the mould lines, mainly because there were almost none to be found.

It's a very weird feeling working with this microscopic troops, but I get the idea and purpose of the scale, if you want to field massed battles of rank and file troops it should be in 6mm. There is no way in hell I would actually jump onto a Napoleonics or ACW project in 28mm, and truth to be told I think we will have a much time playing this kind of conflict with 6mm on a 6x4 table than we would have with 28mm on a 6x4 table.

This tiny scale has also forced me to my very first experience of "paint before basing" - which I personally dislike and which imo requires a lot of paint to paint the bases as you can't spray paint them like you would with an undercoat. So yeah... it will be a real adventure painting this stuff upp.

The flag on the painted up command base is also from Baccus and comes on a sheet with a dozen flags. They are made out of paper and have o be cut out and glued together.

Not having too much experience with 6mm infantry I still think these are more than OK. They are better than some indistinguishable blobs that I have seen in the WW2 period from other manufacturers at least.

Size comparison with 28, 20 and 15mm miniatures.


  1. Wow, they look great but 6mm is way to small for me.

  2. Great work, I like painting 28mm but have to say I have in recent months found the simple joy of 6mm.

  3. Splendid work, and you'll see for large games it gives a very 'real' feel. You're not moving 10 figures but real units; the gameplay is totally different. Mind you, I play 28, 20, 15 and 6 with the same joy! :-)

  4. It sure is going to be an interesting gaming experience, once we get started with "Longstreet".

  5. Great job, Anatoli! They look really good.
    I'm working on some 6mm Romans right now and I've found it to be a nice break from 15mm WW2.

  6. Brilliant work. May I ask the manufacturer and the dimensions of the base you used on the command stand? I love the effect of those slightly high, and square(?, perhaps almost square) bases.

    Thanks for the help.


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