18 May 2013

By Fire & Sword: Peasant informer rules in English

Wargamer has a bunch of files on their site, free to download for everyone, but waiting to be translated into English once the Kickstarter ends.

In the meantime Andreas and I are preparing for the weekend's skirmish battles and I remembered about the Polish rules for the "Peasant informer" - and figured I would translate them so we could use them in our upcoming  game. And once translated I asked Wargamer about permission to upload the unofficial translation as a stop gap measure until they release their own official version in English.

You can find the PDF with the rules with color background HERE and printer friendly version HERE

The miniature itself is a special miniature (one of many) awarded on Wargamer organized tournaments. But I figure you could use a similar civilian miniature for your own games.

1 comment:

  1. That's nice of you to take the time to translate this. Thanks.


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