26 May 2013

FoW mega battle event pictures and my FoW fatigue

Patrik ran a third and last mega battle event for Flames of War set in the desert this weekend - and I didn't really take any notes or planned on writing an AAR as I was both very tired and even went home early for the first time ever. Those interested in the pictures can jump straight to that, but I thought I could go into a bit more detail about my FoW fatigue which has been growing in the background for a couple of months now.

Starting with the mega battle game, I wrote my name on the list and paid the entry fee a few weeks ago but had actually started to lose interest in FoW by that time, and when this even was played I just couldn't care less about the game or the outcome.

I did warn Patrik about it beforehand, though I did not want to back out of it for a couple of reasons even though I considered just letting someone else take my place so I could drop in for a short while to have a chat and then leave without playing. However Patrik had busted his ass to put these events and the terrain together, he also had some cancelled events earlier this spring and I didn't want to rock the boat by dropping out on this one. We also had another player drop out a few days before this game, and that was a player on the same team as me (Allied) so dropping out would make it harder to find two Ally replacements.

At the end of the day I think the guys had enough fun poking fun of my excessive tiredness (never felt I would fall asleep during a game in my life before this day - a combination of going to bed late and going up very early) and just plain boredom.

There was really nothing wrong with the game played, I guess it was just a combination of having played the event two times previously which made third time a bit less exciting. It was still "desert warfare" which is my least favorite front (which doesn't say a lot because I would clump a lot of campaigns in the same bottom of the barrel group according to my preference and how I would grade them as "working within the established FoW rules and along with the way nations are portrayed). But mostly I had just grown increasingly frustrated with FoW over the last couple of weeks without even having played a single game as weird as it may sound. The guys have been playing their Market Garden campaign down at the club and as I was sitting in the room next door playing other stuff I could not help but feel a real nuisance having to listen to their whining and complaints about the army lists, how frustrating the Market Garden campaign system was, watch the the proxy of models (German tanks used as US tanks and vice versa), unpainted models even though the campaign was nearing its end etc. It just really annoyed and pissed me off more than it should have.

Having seen and heard the mayhem I have convinced myself never to run a FoW campaign at the club. And honestly since no one else plays Early War anyway except for Thomas and David on very rare occasions the thought about selling my EW FoW stuff crossed my mind. But I figured I may yet get some mileage out of the miniatures with other systems. I don't know, maybe I will get back to FoW in the future, right now it just feels really uninteresting and unenjoyable to play it, and when I say that you have to take in mind that I don't really even follow the whole "rules circus" that is constantly going on over at several forums where changes, interpretations and suggestions are being discussed with burning participation of the FoW community. Reading those threads just make me feel tired and old.

Some of you may scratch your heads about this since I put like something like 300+ hours into writing the September Campaign and Poland in Flames PDF books. But that was more something spawned out of sheer frustration and sense of duty towards history. I just could not leave EW gamers remotely interested in the Polish campaign with no alternative to the "Blitzkrieg" book which I did not think did justice to the subject matter.

I can listen to people at the club talk in a super excited way about some army list or unit or whatever they are going to use in the game and just think "yeah I don't really care about anything you just said".  A clear sign that I should move on and leave the game be at least for the next couple of months or else I might end up ruining it for those still enjoying it.

Anyway, here is the picture dump from the mega battle which shows FoW at its best, with fully painted armies, fantastic terrain and "fog of war" surrounding the objectives of the two sides. You can learn more about this event by reading older posts about previous games HERE


  1. Anatoli,
    I have to say, I also have FoW fatigue. I'm not sure if it's the total dominance of armored forces, the blatant stereotyping of whole armies (*Soviets*), or the increasingly overt powercreep that is seeping into the game. Whatever the case is, I'm finding FoW as "the movie of WWII" to be much less exciting. I'm also in the same sort of jam that you are - I've invested a lot in the models and I don't want to feel that I wasted my time... Therefore, I'm actually considering writing up my own game in the future (after ASA is done of course). Tell me if you would be interested in participating!

    1. Hi Tyler, yes it is hard to pinpoint the exact cause of my fatigue, I think there are several smaller reasons that have piled up over time.

      This may actually be a good time to try out a few alternative WW2 rules or re-visit a couple of old ones with my buddy Thomas. I'll need to talk with him about this when he gets some free time for to play again (his schedule is packed over the next couple of weeks).

    2. You aren't alone. I feel the same and for the very reasons you listed. I think I'll just let FoW be for the summer and check back in late fall or winter to see how things have progressed.

    3. im sad to hear about your fatigue. my schedule will be a lot more handable in a week. then its just two weddings in my family in eight days and then I'm on summer break! we will have to have a sit down and plan something. there are the two sets from too fat laddies that id like to try but never got around to try..

      we could also just let WWII rest for a while and play other sorts of games.

      the game looked awesome and patrick and i will hopefully get ourselves together and start working on a megagame set in france. maybe june of ´45..

  2. Yup. I was also tired of Fow a few years ago, and especially the way troops were handled. Then I discovered Blitzkrieg, a French ww2 ruleset, based on Squad leader. Though you have a point system, it's more scenarios oriented. In the game, 10 bases equal 1 company.And it's not a Igo you go system. Plus you have opportunity fire. They're quite good. Don't if they have an English translation though.

  3. Hey Anatoli, Johan from the club here. I actually have a very interesting WW2 rulesset called "battlefront WWII" (from the creators of fire and fury). If I am free over the summer I'd love to try it out!

  4. Thanks for the feedback guys, comforting to know I'm not alone.
    @Johan, sure, just let me know when you can and I'll gladly try out something new.

  5. I have had FOW fatigue come and go several times. Just take a break and come back to it later and it will be fun again. Simply repeat as often as necessary.:-) In the meantime your spoiled for choice in terms of rules to use which won't require re-basing like TFL "I ain't been shot mum" and Battlegroup Kursk/Normandy to name a couple.


  6. FoW basing will work for I Aint Been Shot Mum by Too Fat Lardies, and I promise faithfully that will annoy you MUCH less :D

    That and if you keep an eye on my blog, there might be a prize draw prize to help you with that :D

    1. My friend Thomas has that set of rules but we just never got around to play it. Hopefully there will be time to try out a few alternatives during the summer months.

  7. Don't get rid of your armies. Even if you're tired of the system you'll regret dumping your great earned models. Try out TFL , I think i will be simply on the strength of Mike's blog. TFL may have to start paying him commission.

    And kudos on the September supplement.- it's great!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. I've sold countless armies in the past I have not regretted it a single time to be honest. As a rule the cash was always invested in another miniature wargaming project.

      I don't think I will sell the WW2 Polish 15mm army I have though, though it currently collects dust it may see use again in the future. My French & Indian War collection gathered dust for something like 3 years before I started using them again with Muskets & Tomahawks.

      Thanks for the kind words regarding my campaign and OoB book, warms the heart to know it was not a complete waste of energy writing it and making it available. Though the declining interest and zero use of it by others has stopped me from putting together a hobby section that I promised a few months ago. Just seemed like a waste of time and I have not been in the mood to work on it.

  8. Hi Anatoli

    Sorry to hear that you a bit burnt out by FOW at the moment. It happens to everyone if you play a system long enough. Take a break for 6 months, play some different games and periods and see how you feel at the end of the year. Over the last 25+ years ive been war gaming ive gone into and out of different periods and systems numerous times. For what its worth i thought your Polish campaign was excellent and i hope that one day you might decide to revisit the project and do your hobby section. Until then i look forward to seeing what else you decide to play.


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