24 May 2013

Guardhouse for By Fire & Sword

Last building I painted up for Andreas as payment for two resin buildings, all of which will be used for By Fire & Sword. Between the two of us we now have enough buildings (and buildings of all sorts) to make a proper village if we want to.

You can't have too high a terrain density in the game since there is a lot of wheeling and moving large units, but in Skirmish games where you have fewer and much smaller units and in the occasional Division level game it could be fun to have a village to fight over. I'm going to take a picture of all our buildings set up properly on a table next time I'm down at the club.

I imagine this is a guardhouse, it has the same foundation as the stable, but the little lookout tower makes me think it could serve as some sort of garrison building or guardhouse. Just like the previous buildings this one has a removable roof so you can put miniatures inside. I think it makes more sense to keep the roof removable if you have the large open slots, otherwise I prefer to roof to be glued on and resolve the whole "unit in a building" by placing a marker by the house so you can keep track of who is inside.

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