15 May 2013

More 17th century buildings for By Fire & Sword

Andreas got hold of some buildings suitable for By Fire & Sword and asked me if I would be interested in painting them up for him, the deal was I paint 5 houses and keep 2 of them.

I thought it was a good deal, and the buildings below are the ones I picked for myself. The decision to pick these two was rather easy, as I already have several large buildings from Wargamer I wanted some smaller houses for my own collection.

Thus I picked the Wargamer manufactured Peasant hut with pigsty:

And the first out of 4 buildings from an unknown source. Andreas didn't know the manufacturer of these houses; the only clue is the letter combination "TBM" which was cast into the floor of one of the buildings. These buildings were (except for the roof) less textured than Wargamer's buildings so I knew it would be a bit trickier to paint them. That was also the main point why I started painting my own building first, to try out how the washes and drybrushing would work on these models before painting Andreas' stuff.

It went so-so, it's still an OK paintjob on a great looking building. But I think I got the colors a lot better on the next one I painted for Andreas (which will be posted tomorrow).


  1. TBM are Total Battle Miniatures, they do really nice buildings. http://www.totalbattleminiatures.com/

  2. I have a river from TBM. Great elements.


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