17 May 2013

Peasant house with fence for By Fire & Sword

First building from the batch of five houses that I painted up for Andreas, two more to go. I'm much happier with how the timbered wood turned out on this building than the one I painted for myself,  the planks are darkened and look more "real" imo.

The manufacturer as I found out through the help of a reader is "Total Battle Miniatures".


  1. Thanks Lee, two more buildings to go after which I will show some pictures of the whole village :-)

  2. These look great as always. But I wondered if you'd thought about painting them grey/silver like weathered and aged wood.

    1. I did but I honestly prefer the darkened "fresh wood" look :-)

  3. The walls and a base colour is almost the same. The biulding do not stand uot. Old wood should be less red and more like umber/burnt umber.

    Still. It is a cool element!

  4. Great looking buildings!

  5. That's a nice kit you've got there. I like the fresh wood look as well.

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