08 May 2013

Polish Pancerni banner with spears

My third banner of Pancerni, bought a box of Pancerni with spears at Salute since I figured I needed something to really support the cavalry charges of my Winged Hussars. Spear armed cavalry are a minority but if you can get them they are good on the offensive reducing the enemy armor by 1.

In any case, this first banner will be regular Pancerni with spears, the second banner will be Elite rated, meaning they will be able to fight in both open and closed order and improve their chances of flanking enemy units and reducing damage from enemy fire while closing in on them. Elite cavalry also receives shields, while archaic they offer additional protection in close combat, improving the armor value of the unit by +1, which in the case of the already well armored Pancerni means that they will be almost as tough as Winged Hussars and as already stated - make perfect shock troops.

Before I started playing By Fire & Sword and learned more about the Pancerni they just seemed quirky, nowadays they are my favorite "standard" unit.


  1. Very nice looking Pancemi, and great flag too!

  2. Thanks! Though I can't take credit for the flag as all boxes from Wargamer come with pretty flags :-)

  3. Nice. I would have thought lances to be common during this period.


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