20 May 2013

Stable for By Fire & Sword

Another building painted up for Andreas, this one is stable, the roof is removable so you can put soldiers inside. Not a lot more to say, it's a nice looking model and it reminds me of the discussion the guys over at WWPD.net had in their last podcast about buying terrain over making your own. I think certain periods are probably easier to build terrain for, I don't know how difficult it would be to build houses fitting the 17th century period but I don't think it would be worth the trouble. There seem to be a good range of buildings for 15mm scale at least and I'm fairly sure you would have to put a lot of work into making them as detailed as the resin cast models I've been painting for By Fire & Sword and the whole 17th century period.

Painting these buildings isn't that hard as the houses are mainly shades of brown. The trick I suppose is to get the right tint on the wood. I wanted it to look darkened but vibrant if that makes any sense. So it's mostly a mix of Scorched Brown and Bestial Brown, in layers and washed with Devlan Mud (yep I have a whole supply of that old wash which I figured would do the trick for these houses).

This is also another building from Total Battle Miniatures if I'm correct, though only one of the buildings Andreas had me paint up had that "TBM" marking they were all cast in the same resin and the same style so I think it's safe to assume they all come from the same source.


  1. Nice, do they have removable roofs? If so what do the interiors look like?

    1. They do, but the interiors are very dull and without detail or textures. Just flat walls and floor. I will show how it looks when I post pictures of the last house I've been painting.

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