09 May 2013

Vikings season 1 review

Vikings is a great show from History Channel of all places, it's only 9 episodes and I would say that the budget is somewhere in the medium range so it's not spectacular in scope but it does however not spare any expense on actually getting costumes, locations and sets properly built and filmed. It has good actors, realistic special effects, real blood effects (no shitty CGI blood which I hate), and a fairly interesting plot, which I think will get more solid over the coming seasons.

At the core the show is about Ragnar Lothbrok a Viking warrior with great ambition who ends up discovering a way to navigate the sea between Scandinavia and the British islands and open up its the kingdoms to Viking raids. His rise in popularity and opportunistic insubordination sets him on  a collision course with the Earl Haraldson which serves as the main intrigue for the most of season 1.

Other characters in the show worth mentioning is Ragnar's wife, the shieldmaiden Lagertha (who can kick ass with the same skill and ferocity as the men), Floki a quirky and pious Viking shipwright, Ragnars jealous and tormented brother Rollo and the English priest Athelstan who is captured by Ragnar during the first into the kingdom of Northumbria.

The plot while interesting may be a bit predictable when it comes to some major events and character development but it is still quite solid. And even if the show isn't 100% historically accurate I think it still gives a decent view of viking culture.

The show is just 9 episodes long, but they pack quite a lot of content, character development, pretty awesome action sequences and great locations. It's a show well worth watching, and one that made me think about picking up a SAGA warband of Vikings haha.


  1. I really enjoy it, good fun. And guy who is playing Ragnar is great, especially with his wolfish grin ;)

  2. Been enjoying this also i imagine the next season will be very dynamic!

  3. I like the show the cast is very good and the costumes and sets are authentic. I is a little predictable and realizing that they plan to hit all the major events of 100 years of English-Viking history into the show was a little meh for me.

  4. I really enjoyed it. I think if you have to look at it as giving you a 'feel' for the period rather than watching it as based strictly in history. But it does give you a VERY good feel. I think most of their inaccuracies are excusable for the sake of the plot however.

  5. Really enjoyed the series.
    One thing I found quite interesting (and unusual), was the how the producers didn't try to show their life as 'glamorous', unlike other similar 'thematic' series (Spartacus come to mind).
    Everything is shown in a very raw and natural way: both their lives, 'sailing', or even 'fighting' is not depicted as being 'brave', instead it is presented as a necessity, because they actually live very basic and hard lives.

    It's a pity we'll have to wait till 2014 for more.

  6. I agree, a very good show. I'm looking forward to the next season in 2014.
    Coloured Dust


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