11 May 2013

Warrior priest of Sigmar

Painted this one up for my friend Patrik, it's the Forge World "Salute 2013 WHFB limited edition" miniature, which I bought for him during my trip to Salute this year. The miniature is quite OK, but has a lot of stuff that I really don't like painting, lots of metal and belts/straps which is just boring to me. I would have preferred it if the miniature had more robes or something, or would have been a bit more inspired as a sculpt. The shoulder pad with the candles was cool looking and a great detail, much more fun than the regular array of chains and skulls.

I experimented with washes and glazes for the skin and it is probably the one thing I'm most happy with. The skin ended up looking slightly dirty but with a nice warm tone to it as well which you don't usually get if you just paint with "triads" of flesh colors or highlight them the way I usually do. 

I'm torn about the end result, part of me is happy with it, but I know some things could have been better. As a miniature I started thinking that it would be nice to use in a skirmish game, RPG or something like that.


  1. That is superb mate lovely paintjob especially the face!

  2. Great work on the figure, the skin tone and face is top notch. I'm like you I hate loads of fiddly but boring detail like endless belts, or tiny necklaces. I prefer my figures to be "cleaner" if you know what I mean.

  3. Thanks guys :-)

    Yeah I have no problem painting an empty cloak, since at least you can play around with shades and highlights. But hundred belts and buckles, tiny chains and such is "meh"...

  4. The face is great. Yeah many of the current GW figures have to much extraneous detail.

  5. Gorgeous work Anatoli. Magnificent.

  6. Very nice! I'm about to start on an Arch Lector, and may have to "borrow" some of your ideas. Best, Dean


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