11 June 2013

54mm Registered Cossack

Painted this one up in a hurry last night, a gift and early birthday present for my grandmother who was visiting here in Sweden. Last year she saw my other 54mm diorama miniatures and asked if I she could get one - so I took the opportunity while she was visiting to paint up my last 54mm miniature from Siberia-Miniatures , a Russian manufacturer of superb historical themed collectable large scale metal miniatures. I really recommend checking them out, they have an amazing collection of products and have very affordable rices.

The miniature is a Zaporozhian Cossack, but I painted it up to be a Registered Cossack hence the color choices. If I had more time I would have added more detail to the clothes but it was painted in one sitting during last evening/night. The base is 40x30mm laser cut MDF upon which I mounted the trimmed down cast metal base along with the miniature, then covered it in two layers of sand and PVA glue. The stone which the Cossack is standing on is part of the figure.

You can check out my other two 54mm miniatures from Siberia-Miniatures here:



Review of the Siberia Miniatures products


  1. That's a fine model. As for the fast painting... very well done!

    1. Thanks Christine :-)
      Btw just checked your and Thibo's blog, and the new posts are simply mind blowing!

  2. I have to say the same, it's very well done. You paint better faster than I paint slower ^^
    Cudos to also having a grandmother who can appreciate this kind of thing


  3. Wheeooo...this is a sweetly painted figure!


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