30 June 2013

A&A Angels 20, touched up airplanes

While I was OK with most of the factory pre-paint the windscreens were quite poorly done and in some cases looked like shit - in particular on the BF110c. So I spent the afternoon fixing that, and while I was at it I painted the exhausts and machineguns in black as well.

I know the windscreen framework should be painted in the same color as the fuselage on most of the airplanes but I prefer to leave them black to give the glass a greater contrast. I think the biggest difference between the pre-painted paintjob of the A&A airplanes and Star Wars X-wing fighters is that the X-wing stuff is painted to look worn and used. The A&A airplanes are too clean and tidy imo, but it would be too much work repainting them to look properly. In the end it was the windshield look that bothered me the most and which was a real eye catcher so I'll leave the rest of the paintjob as it is.

You can see most of the "before & after" pictures that I took  right below.

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