15 June 2013

By Fire & Sword: pictures from demo games

I ran a couple of demo games down at the club last weekend, introducing the game to Magnus, Johan and Christian. Johan and Christian have already bought into the game through kickstarter and are awaiting their stuff to show up, Magnus is thinking about starting with Danes.

Both games were played to focus on the rules, special rules and game mechanics rather than scenarios. Explaining and playing these small pitched skirmish battles allowed the guys to get a taste of how the game flows, how orders are placed, maneuvering unit formations, shooting and close combat. I also explained the scenario and reconnaissance system and how the lists and list content relates to those two aspects.

They all liked the game and I think they were happy to try it out. It is worth mentioning that I have yet to encounter a single person not liking the game or what it has to offer after a demo session. I think that's good proof of how well packaged the ideas of this game are, making even a semi obscure period and nations interesting and fun to play.

It was also nice to see the Cossacks in action, Christian has been slowly painting his skirmish force over the past couple of weeks but was only starting to work on his wagons and brought but 2 to our game. It showed how important the wagons are for the Cossacks, and what a great obstacle they can be if the enemy is forced to charge straight at them. I also got to read up on the Cossack units and rules and really like their special rules and have shifted my focus from the Muscovites towards the Cossacks as a potential 2nd skirmish force. I think their play style and painting infantry may be a welcome change after the cavalry heavy Polish-Lithuanian project.

Would have taken more pictures but was mostly focused on explainingthe game during both sessions.

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