07 June 2013

Descent 2nd ed: Campaign games part 1

Well, having owned Descent 2nd edition for quite a while now I still had not played through the entire campaign. So a couple of days ago I mustered the energy to post a notice at the club about running a full campaign over the next couple of weeks - there will be 8 player slots (meaning that all characters of the game will be used but only 4 heroes can play the game at any single time).

This will allow players to drop in and out of the campaign when they have time while still keeping it structured and making sure each player has his own hero, keeping the campaign going, and keep the experience rate of the Overlord and Heroes in between games. Heroes that drop in at later stages will be bumped to the same experience level as the guys who have gotten the longest into the campaign.

Part I

List of players participating in part 1Overlord: Me
Avric Albright - Disciplie class: Fredric
Widow Tarha - Runemaster class: Andreas

Prologue First Blood:
As our two adventurers travel towards the town of Arhynn they come across the smoldering remains of a caravan. The caravan had been ambushed, and monsters still lurked nearby - goblin archers led by an ettin called "Mauler".

The heroes had to kill the leader of the monster warband in order to scatter them, the monsters had to escape with at least 5 goblin archers off the table edge to win.

Two goblin archers dodged past the two heroes and made it out of the area to safety while giblin lieutenant and "Mauler" were left on the table fighting the good guys. Additional goblins spawned but were unable to get past the fighting, which didn't last long as the heroes managed to dispatch the ettin with a rapid combination of bashing and magic attacks.

The finished Prologue grants all players and the Overlord 1XP each.  Both heroes decided to save their XP points while the Overlord bought the "Dark resilliance" card which makes it possible to heal monsters in battle.

Scenario 1: A Fat Goblin

Undertaking their first real quest the heroes travelled to a distant farm plagued by goblin marauders who were stealing food and crops from the farmers. The heroes had to stop the menace and investigate the reason for the attacks.

Encounter 1: Fields

Goblin archers are raiding the farm, stealing and hauling crops back to their cave. The heroes have to stop them. The more crops the goblins steal the better bonus they will get in the next scenario, the heroes must prevent this from happening by killing attackers and hauling the crops to the area marked in blue (farmer shack). Goblins and spiders made up the opposition in this game. Despite fast movement the goblins did not manage to steal more than 1 of the 4 crop markers. Both heroes fought their way past the poisonous spiders and began slaughering the goblins. Stun attacks from Avric Albright helped a lot, preventing the thieves to make it off with the stolen goods. Having secure the fields the heroes continued their investigation by heading for the cave entrance.

Encounter 2: A fat goblin

In the damp cave screams from tortured prisoners could be heard. The cave, inhabited by goblins, spiders and even a shadow dragon, was not big - just a couple of chambers. As it turned out the goblins had been collecting food for their boss, "Splig" - the fat goblin. Splig had for some reason been ordering his minions to attack caravans and villages, and haul prisoners down to the cave where he was interrogating the victims with torture - looking for a farmer named "Frederick". As soon as the identity of Frederick was revealed Splig had plans to take him directly to his master - which would mean moving through the cave and out throug hthe only exit - which also served as the cavern entrance and where the heroes now appeared.

The spider den at the very entrance did not prove to be much of an obstacle, though Avric Albright suffered from a poisoned wound which kept eating away his healt points for many turns. Splig managed to find Frederick amidst the prisoners in his dungeon quite fast, the problem was both heroes now blocking the exit. Goblin archers and the shadow dragon tried to poke a hole in that defense with little success, only leading to the deaths of the goblin archers. It was not until the Overlord played a card which successfully posessed Widow Tarha and moved her away opening a hole in the tunnel when Splig managed to haul his prisoner and his fat belly through the halls - helped by another card boosting him with a 3rd movement action.

Before the two heroes knew it the enemy leader had made it out of the cave, only stopping briefly to taunt them at the exit.

Defeated, the heroes did not receive any rewards - the Overlord on the other hand received another experience point which was instantl spent on the Saboteur I: Explosive Runes card.

Scenario 2: Castle Daerion

Encounter 1: The village below castle Daerion

Monster attacks did not only plague the countryside but the village outside of castle Daerion were under attack from Flesh Moulder wizards and a "Merriod" a weird tentacle horror.

The heroes had two objectives, cover and protect the panicking and helpless villagers, and light the 4 beacons scattered about so that the castle nearby could be warned about the attack. The goal of the monsters is to simply wreak havoc and kill as many villagers as possible.

Making up for their recent failure the heroes managed to protect 3 out of the 4 villagers while fighting their way past the monsters and light all 4 beacons. Wasting no time they rushed down the patch leading up to the castle. Fighting could be heard inside the castle walls.

Encounter 2: Castle Daerion

Inside the castle sir Palamon, an aged knight, is trying t orally the defenders. The attacking monsters are led by the mysterious sir Alric Farrow who is searching the castle laboratory for something. In order to stop the attack the heroes must keep sir Palamon alive by protecting him from the attackers, and either wait for the knight to summon 5 militiamen reinforcements or kill alld the lieutenants and defeat sir Alric Farrow in order to scatter the attackers.

The battle was fierce, however both heroes were now boosted by 3 militiamen (thanks to saving villagers) and there was a reduced number of zombies inside the castle (for the very same reason). Sir Palamon was quickly beset by the ettin, goblin archers and a zombie, and while he initially dodged the blows he began taking damage - quickly reducing his wounds to a critical level.

Both heroes backed by the militiamen did their best to clear the hall from the attackers, managing to kill one ettin only to have a new one spawn and also attract sir Alric Farrow to join the fight.

It was an epic battle on the knife, sir Palamon having 2 wounds left kept saving and deflecting attacks by matching the attack value exactly for two turns in a row. What remained of the monsters now completely focused on sir Palamon and sir Alric Farrow himself was losing wounds equally fast. In the end the heroes pulled off a slim but decisive victory by killing all monster lieutenants and slay sir Alric Farrow.

The victory was celebrated by each hero, with joyful cheers, as well as being rewarded 25gold and 1 experience point. As both heroes not had 2XP they both bought upgrades for their characters. Widow Tarha bought the "Runemaster" skill, and Avric Albright bought the "Time of need" skill. Having found items and gold during their questing the heroes had a combined budget of 175 gold, and decided to buy something - that ended up being a chainmain for Avric Albright.

Having been beaten the Overlord did not receive any XP.

Part 1 summary

Prologue: Victory for the heroes
Scenario 1 A Fat Goblin: Victory for the Overlord
Scenario 2 Castle Daerion: Victory for the heroes

Overlord 2XP
Widow Tarha 2XP
Avric Albright 2XP

We will continue the campaign in two weeks since I will be busy running demo games of By Fire & Sword next Sunday (15th). This however means that we will have more heroes taking part in the scenarios next time.


  1. Replies
    1. It's a great and very fast paced game, I have heard that the problem with the first Descent was that it took forever to play a single quest and had a lot of tedious moments such as backtracking - which isn't included in the new version.

  2. I'm curious as to how you set this up for them, or are you going easy? I've played many times (though never past half way as it always is reset), and besides against mauler, the heroes almost never win. Fat goblin is always a disaster for them. We've done a house rule where they start at +1 exp and I (overlord) don't use my deck unless I've lost the previous round. That way they at least have a chance.

    1. Fat Goblin second encounter is really hard on the heroes if the Overlord gets him halfway to the exit and then uses the additional movement card. So they failed that scenario, they won the following one - Castle Daeorion - by the slimmest of margins due to exceptional rolling by both sides two turns in a row.

  3. Amazing blogs you have guys!! Keeps the ball rolling…..Delyssa

  4. Personally I think overjoyed I discovered the blogs. Kadi


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