10 June 2013

Incursion heading for a re-release!

Nazi zombies and werewolves led by demented and scantly clad gals fighting heavily armored US soldiers who are wielding heavy machineguns and blowing bubbles with chewing gum? Yep that's Incursion in a nutshell. The game which have been in hiatus over the past year is heading for a re-release and update. Jim Bailey is back at the helm and intends to breathe life into the game once again.

Here's the message from Jim on the Grindhouse Games Facebook page:

"Okay, let's open it up. Let's just kick the door down and get right into it, shall we? John Roberts and I are heading up a re-release of Incursion. Yeah, it's gonna be a Kickstarter. Cat's out of the bag now! If only I had that tool when I first set out to do this thing.. The game maintains a stratospheric 8 out of 10 on Board Game Geek and has a die-hard fanbase. Why? It's a damned good game and it's authentic. Don't take my word. Go read all the reviews, Go see what folks like Michael Barnes and Superfly Pete at Fortress Ameritrash have to say about it. Go see what Anatoli has to say about it. Go to the Grindhouse forums and read about it.

Though a world-class cast of artists and designers participated throughout two print runs and the SNAFU expansion, this was all funded initially by the sale of my golden-age comic book collection and thousands of wargaming figs I had painted. Now that we have Kickstarter, we can finally knock this deal up into the clouds where it belongs and shank evil monopoly big distribution at the same time.

Plastic: the holy grail. It's what we always wanted to do. Just never had the hundred grand up front we needed. Yeah, lots of boardgamers bought the game and played with cardboard standups and LOVED IT. Lots of miniature lovers bought the metal because it's heavy, hard, and beautiful and built their own 3d boards. We're going to keep/expand the metal line but also convert everything to boardgamer-friendly and horde-builder plastic. We have new missions, new models, and all sorts of other stuff planned. Metalheads and previous purchasers rejoice: we will craft the Kickstarter such that you can get ONLY the new stuff if you wish, and/or just go whole-hog and gorge yourself on plastic.

Though the game is a re-release with lots of new add-ons, upgraded components, MUCH higher quality print stock ,new art, and PLASTIC, getting to Kickstarter is still unfortunately a couple of months away. It's alot of work to plan and execute "one of the big ones". I hope you will join us for the ride.

Jim Bailey

Oh, here's Rosie

I think this is a great opportunity and look forward to see what Grindhouse comes up with for their future Kickstarter campaign. You can follow the news and updates on their Facebook group here: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Grindhouse-Games/139536469402885

If you are a against using that site you can always follow the main news andupdates which will be shared on my blog.

Make sure to check out the Incursion related battle reports and reviews on my blog HERE to learn more about the game!

Or jump straight into this two part AAR written and compiled as a comic (yes I'm quite happy with the result of this experiment)


  1. Great news! The design of much of Incursion is really great and I can't wait to see plastic APEs.

    Pity I've a copy of the original game - hope they find a way to accommodate with double-board games or something.


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