23 June 2013

Last banner of Pancerni cavalry with spears

Second banner of spear armed Pancerni cavalry - and the very last company to be painted for my Polish Crown cavalry regiment which is maxed out to the limit and thus allows me to field 6 bases of Winged Hussars if I want to. Good times are ahead :-D

I had serious problems painting this last unit up, it's the same thing every time I'm about to finish an epic project or a large chunk of an army - the final unit is always the hardest. There was also a lot of unbearable heat and other distractions over the past week or two which further reduced my painting time.

The most annoying thing however was that I screwed up with the matt varnish, I didn't shake the bottle which resulted in a very glossy finish, trying to correct this the day after with additional layers of well shaken matt varnish helped a little but not enough.


  1. Hello Anatoli,

    They look great to me!! I would be a very happy with how they look.

    Wow, It has been great reading all your post as you were building you Polish Force.

    I think you scared my friend a little who was also wanting to do polish. He read you article about painting an army that is 90% Cavalry. Now he is tettering on doing Swedes as it is more of a combined arms army and a lot less painting.

    One of his big things is that the polish don't have enough Infantry. I tried to assure him that there is probably an army list where he can include more infantry and not all cavalry. Can you shed some light on this? We are still waiting for our rulebooks. Although we have the PDF version, it does not have the army list. I also tried to tell him that maybe the "Deluge" supplement will allow him to field more infantry. Look forward to hearing from you and seeing some more post on some battle reports.

    Thanks again for all the info you have supplied thusfar.


  2. Rich, Polish army of that period were usually 'cavalry heavy', due to nature of conflicts. During first phase of 'Deluge' (up to 1657) it was even worse, as field armies were almost exclusively made from cavalry with some dragoons. You can still field some infantry within Polish or Lithuanian division but it will be always smaller part of Your army, due to the way that Commonwealth's armies were composed.

  3. Hello Anatoli,

    Well, I think he will probably be doing Swedes then. I think he thought you were frustrated with having to paint up so much Cavalry and he may not have the time and energy to paint so much cavalry. Well, I still think the Polish army is pretty good.

    During the latter stages of the Kickstarter, I basically decided to buy the Ottoman Division deal. My initial army was going to be the Swedes but I couldn't pass up the deal for the Ottomans. I will still do the Swedes. Can't wait to get the rulebook and the minis.

    Hopefully, you will have another Battle Report soon.

    Thanks again,



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