28 June 2013

Lords of Waterdeep session pics

Introduced the game to two new players who had not played it before, David and Pär down at the club. And I think it's proof of a game being genuinely good and well made when different types of people and player groups really like and enjoy something. That's the case with Lords of Waterdeep, the comment was that it was very easy to learn the rules but that it offered a lot of thinking and hard choices during the game.

The three of us had a great game which ended with very close end results. The winner was just a few points ahead of the two other players who both shared 2nd place.

It was interesting to see the Intrigue cards being used extensively, Pär played probably 10 Intrigue cards during the early half of the game and kept going for the areas on the map which allow you to pick up Intrigue cards instead of resources. It gave him an edge early on. David on the other hand got the "Lieutenant" quest early on and managed to fulfill it which meant he had an extra agent in the first half of the game - which too proved very valuable.

I built the palace which brought the ambassador meeple into play, which proved to be a very dangerous combination with David's lieutenant so I ended up tearing the building down and replacing it with another building using an intrigue card during the endgame to prevent David making a rush for all resources.

The game was a blast!

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