13 June 2013

New sponsor and By Fire & Sword retailer

Very happy to announce a new blog sponsor, Narren Spel a  Swedish store based in Katrineholm. They were very quick in contacting Wargamer.pl and have become the first Swedish retailer of By Fire & Sword products. No doubt this will be welcome news to fans of the game and of great help to establish it here in Sweden.

They already have the released line of products up for pre-order in their store, and hopefully all the news from the By Fire & Sword kickstarter till follow as Wargamer releases them for regular sale.

Narren Spel also sells a bunch of other games that are popular at my club such as Bushido (including some nice terrain), Flames of War: Vietnam, Star Wars X-wing among others. So check them out and tell that Anatoli sent you!

1 comment:

  1. Great news for both WG and all guys in Sweden interested in BF&S!


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