24 June 2013

Polish-Lithuanian cavalry charging in force

Well, with the last unit needed to build  a full size Polish Crown cavalry regiment I decided to take some group pictures of the entire regiment - and ended up taking pictures of all the mounted models of my army (left out the Pike&Shot regiment, dismounted dragoons, the artillery and Polish-Hungarian infantry). I figured that having infantry in the pictures would take away from the effect.

Anyway, first some pictures of the Polish Crown cavalry regiment (1667-76).

This one is made up of 4 Banners of Cossack style cavalry, 4 banners of Pancerni cavalry and 2 banners of Winged Hussars along with two command bases - a total of 32 cavalry bases and 19 FSP.

I can if, I would want to, break it up into two half sized Crown cavalry regiments - but will then only be able to field a reduced number of Winged hussars (2 bases per regiment as opposed to all 6 Winged Hussar bases in this full sized one). And I can tell you that I didn't paint those Winged Hussars to leave them out of the fight!

And now some pictures with my half strength Polish dragoon and Volunteer regiments added to the pictures:


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