04 June 2013

Second banner of elite cossack style cavalry

Second banner of elite cossack style cavalry for my Polish-Lithuanian army - and the last banner of this type of cavalry that I need and that am going to paint. All that remains for me to paint to get a complete Crown cavalry regiment is just one more banner of Pancerni (which are next in my painting cue). The elite cossacks will see action in the Lithuanian skirmish lists supporting Polish dragoons and reiters, but may from time to time make guest appearances in the Polish skirmish lists as well.

The flag itself is adorned with the Lithuanian coat of arms, the "chaser", so it's more than fitting for them to serve as part of a Lithuanian force.

As for the paintjob, I'm happier with the paintjob of the riders and horse on this banner compared to the last one, though the shields ended up a bit too dark for my liking.


  1. Looking great as always.

    Do the shields come with the Cossacks?


  2. Yes, each box of cossack style cavalry and pancerni comes with 9 shields (enough to equip 3bases/50% of the box content).

  3. Stunning unit, very nice indeed.

  4. Wonderful looking unit!

  5. Do the shields mean something in game? Is that how we know they're elite?

  6. They do. Extra armour in CC and vs arrows and javelins.

  7. As MiSiO said the shields increase the armor save, from 1-3 to 1-4 on a D10, but only when fighting in close combat or against arrows/javelins.

    And yes that is also how you can see the difference between regular cossack style cavalry and regular Pancerni and the elite versions of those units. All elite units in the Polish-Lithuanian cavalry have shields.

  8. Hi Anatoli,

    I bought in on this great looking games kick starter and as I prepare to receive it, my thoughts have drifted to paint schemes for my armies. I was wondering what reference material you use or know off with regard to ideas for paint schemes for these armies?



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