14 June 2013

Star Wars X-wing: Den of Thieves AAR

Ran a demo of X-wing for David down at the club, we played through the 3 starter scenarios using the 1 starter set, then moved on to play a large 100 points battle - and finished by playing the "Den of thieves" scenario that is included  with the YT-1300 (Millennium Falcon) blister.

The scenario was great fun, we played it at 100 points with these lists (I can't remember the exact upgrades/weapons on the Rebels)

Rebel Alliance
YT-1300 Outer Rim smuggler: Engine upgrade, Nien Numb, Weapons Engineer
A-wing Tycho Celchu
X-wing Wedge Antilles with R2-D2

Galactic Empire
Tie Interceptor Sontir Fel
Tie Interceptor Turr Phenirr
3x Tie Fighter "Black Squadron pilot"

The scenario is about the Empire escorting 3 cargo containers and make sure that at least 2 of them leave the Rebel table edge. The Rebels designate one ship, which obviously ended up being the YT-1300, as a smuggler with the ability to steal these cargo containers - if this ships managed to intercept and steal 2 cargo containers the Rebels win. Two imperial ships got additional "escort fighter" tokens meaning they could boost the speed of nearby cargo containers.

Now I thought that the scenario cut off abruptly, giving the victory to the rebels the as soon as they are able to steal the second cargo container. As such I said to David that I would at least have to move off the friendly table edge with my smuggler ship (or destroy all Imperial fighters).

It started very fortunately for the Imperials (David), I had one of his Tie Fighters in a deadly crosscire with all my 3 ships, and with a target lock on top of that from the YT-1300 - but the Tie Fighter managed to survive the onslaught (although reduced to a single wound)! That kind of delayed my battle plans, but the fight was very even throughout. Tycho and Wedge managed to draw fire away from the YT-1300 and the rebels shot down two Tie Fighters and one Tie Interceptor, the remaining Imperial fighters were also damaged but kept fighting. Meanwhile my YT-1300 had intercepted and captured two cargo containers as they were about to drift off the table.

The smuggler ship had been badly damaged at this point and was suffering from a critical hit which had reduced its agility value from 1 to 0 making it completely defenseless on short and medium range.

In the final minutes of the battle, Tycho was ultimately shot down, while Wedge and the YT-1300 failed to bring down the last two enemy fighters. Despite some confusion due to rebel maneuvers the Imperials managed to allign their Tie Fighter and shoot down the YT-1300 - securing a victory.

Very fun and even engagement. It was also very nice to get to play X-wing with my own collection for the first time, and David also really liked the game.5 games in one afternoon (roughly 4 hours and 30 minutes) is also some kind of record if you consider the time spent on going through the rules and preparing all scenarios. It's really a great game.

And some pictures from the other 4 games (the 3 basic scenarios from the starter set and one free-for-all 100 points battle) played during the same afternoon


  1. Very cool battle report, Anatoli!

    I was wondering, do you know if they plan to release ships for an "independent" faction, aka smugglers, bounty hunters, etc.? I think it would be pretty cool to have a fleet of mercenaries working for the Hutts. Their mission could be trying to smuggle goods through an Imperial blockade or destroying a rival gang's fleet, etc.

    1. That would be really cool. At the moment they are releasing the last few ships from the original trilogy, and one "extended universe" ship being the Moldy Crow from the PC games Dark Forces.

      Fans are speculating how FFG will expand the game, if they will add prequel or extended universe ships and so on.

      Your idea of a bounty hunter/smuggler faction would be cool and I guess the extended universe is huge and may include something that would work - at least if there are fighters involved. You could already run a smuggler/bounty hunter list of the Millennium Falcon and Slave One ships (with other pilots and under different names as provided on the pilot cards within those boxes). You would however lack fighter support and just playing those big ships would be tricky.

  2. I keep seeing this game popping up on different peoples blogs I might just have to see if I can convince the wife it would be something fun to do together. I wonder if FFG will release any "bigger ships" in the future so you could have small fleet engagements.

    I've enjoyed your reviews of the various starter and booster packs, very useful.

    1. Smillie, the game is great fun and I think it's easy enough to play with people who would not normally play these type of games. If you get the opportunity at a club or convention - try it out :-)

      It's very expensive to jump into blindly, but I think you will like it. The game is absurdly popular since it is chronically sold out everywhere most of the time!

  3. I've only played with the basic scenarios in the original set so far but I'm glad to see that the larger scenarios are just as fun. Great report.

    1. They are, sorry about late reply, your post was for some reason stuck in the spam filter.


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