09 June 2013

Star Wars X-wing: Millennium Falcon expansion pack

Fantasy Flight Games have released two big ships, the Millennium Falcon and Slave One (the Bobba Fett bounty hunter ship). Having seen the Slave One in action during a game over at a friend I wasn't too excited about it so I limited my purchase to the Millennium Falcon. This is more of a "fun" model to have and it may probably be more fun to play it as a regular smuggler ship or in special scenarios - because this ship is too good rule wise. I base that on a game of X-wing which saw the Falcon with Han Solo and full crew cruise around the table and instant kill just about 1 Tie-fighter per turn.

This is possible due to the Falcon having several really good abilities, one is oddly enough having a large base which makes movement - even at speed 1- very fast and capable of closing in on enemy ships with no trouble. The main advantage however is that it has a 360degree field of view and can fire at any angle, which in turn means that it requires little if any skill to use compared to all other fighters that have to constantly maneuver to fire at the enemy.  It is also very durable and hard to kill for regular Tie Fighters despite having a low Agility value. It's too cheap imo (around 60 points) when deployed with Han Solo and additional gunner pilots which turn this vessel into a beast, you can then add several Rebel ships to boost your list and force the opponent to split his attention between the Falcon and additional fighters.

So I would really not recommend running it in straight 100 point games with Han Solo and all the boosted gunner cards you can add (save that for custom scenarios or give the Empire more points). From what I have read on the internet the Empire may have a better change of bringing it down with the upcoming Wave 4 releases. Maybe you can beat it with a list of 5 Tie Interceptors if they all rush in and focus on the Falcon alone.

With that said, it is a very nice blister/box with a lot of nice content. 3 sheets of cardboard tokens - with more objective markers to play with. It comes with some very nice ship upgrades such as the engine booster and shield generator which means you can tweak your other ships in your collection to perform "outside of the box".  It has 4 main pilot cards, and 4 extra crewmen that you can upgrade your ship with.
You also get some missiles, and if you have the A-wing you may share this weapon type between the two ships.

Finally there are a couple of nice pilot skills which can be used by all elite pilots, a sheet of rules for the Millennium Falcon, the new abilities and a new official mission.

The ship model itself is truly great. Excellent attention to detail in the sculpt, and good paintjob just like on all other X-wing range miniatures. The only thing missing was that the ship lacks an "engine glow" paintjob - instead you get bland grey plastic. Being a miniature wargaming and having a collection of paints and brushes I immediately remedied this flaw, but I think it would have been nice and probably not too much trouble for Fantasy Flight Games to include a sticker for those that don't have the means to fix this by themselves.

Overall I'm very happy with this ship, though as I said - you should be vary of how you use it and with what combination of cards. From what I have read the Imperial player needs a lot of ships with missiles to bring down the Falcon, and that is something which is quite sparse among the Imperial fighters.


  1. Thanks for the review. I had a feeling that the Millennium Falcon would outclass anything else on the board.

  2. Hi Anatoli,

    another great review.



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