17 June 2013

Star Wars X-wing: Tie Interceptor expansion pack

Another small review of the ship boosters, this time the Tie Interceptor. Just like the X-wing this one comes with two sheets of cardboard tokens, pilot cards, ship upgrade/weapons/astromech cards a dial and a card with the new rule for the "Boost" action (the rules can be seen on the card in the photo).

The nice thing about these expansion packs is that you get new pilot skills which can be used by all elite pilots regardless of whether they are Imperials or Rebels. The Tie Interceptor blister comes with 6 pilots, which is two more than the X-wing and A-wing have, and thus you also get a broader diversity between "Elite" and "rookie" pilots to choose from.

On the downside, being a light Imperial fighter means that you don't get anything in terms of weapon or equipment cards.

It is worth mentioning the paintjob, which is really good for a "pre-paint". Honestly, looking at the miniature it is hard for me to say whether I would be able to do a better job myself so there is absolutely nothing to complain about in this department. It's also a very nice sculpt/model.

As with the X-wing it felt less painful to shell out the money for the single ship than for the starter set. It may be a psychological misinterpretation of value for money but I still believe that the small booster packs while pricey - are worth it.


  1. Hi Anatoli,

    thanks for the good review.


  2. You're welcome Monty, I hope to follow up with reviews of the Tie Advanced and the Y-wing, last couple of miniatures that I have ordered but don't know when they will arrive.

    The rest of the range is completely sold out everywhere!

  3. I have to say I am impressed with the "out of the box" paint job that this comes with. Like you I think I would struggle to do any better myself.

  4. I agree with you there is nothing to complain about with the ship models in this game they are fantastic.

  5. Is it true they're doing a Star Trek version of this game?

    1. There is talk about it, don't know if it will happen though. Not the biggest Star Trek fan but could see the game being easily adapted to other Sci-Fi universes since the game has solid core mechanics and is a ton of fun to play. I also suspect that FFG would be happy to continue the ride on their success with another IP used for the same system when the original SW trilogy ships have all been released and they must decide if they want to go into prequel or extended universe territory.


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