08 June 2013

Star Wars X-wing: X-wing expansion pack

Perhaps not the first booster pack players may want, since you get 1 X-wing in the starter sets. As I mentioned in my review of the starter set - you will need two starter sets to really get started anyway, which means you probably already have two X-wings. Nevertheless, I wanted a third X-wing so I could play games with three of these forming a 100 points force if I wanted to.

All small booster packs are the same price, around $18. This may appear to be a hefty price when you look at the blister, however you get more than just the ship.

The X-wing expansion pack contains two sheets with additional counters, 4 pilot cards, 2 astromech cards, 2 skill cards and 1 weapon upgrade card. You also get the X-wing maneuver dial and pilot cardboard inserts for the flight stand. The components are all of the same high quality as those of the starter sets. It may also be interesting to know that the pilot cards differ from those in the starter set - for instance you can only get Wedge Antilles piloting an X-wing by buying the expansion pack.

All these things make it a better value for money purchase than it may have appeared on the outside of the blister. To me the price is a bit more acceptable seeing these extra components that accompany the ship itself and imo makes the expansion of your X-wing collection, while not cheap, at least a good investment.

One last thing, you have to be very careful with these ships, especially the X-wing. Ships are both brittle and fragile (the guns on the X-wing in particular), so not suited to be handled with brute force or by small children. Tthe box says 14+ which I think is a big exaggeration, I think 10 year olds would understand the concept of "handle with care". However you intend to play this game with your kids or very young gamers you need to instruct them on careful handling, and do all the assembly of flight stands yourself.

Overall I would rate the booster pack 8/10


  1. That's good, gives a bit more incentive to buy them now. I also thought the price was a bit steep, but the extra bits make it look more worthwhile :)

    1. Yes, while still not "cheap" the price turns out to be a bit more reasonable when you see the extra stuff in the blisters.

  2. Its interesting to hear that the models are relatively fragile. I had always assumed they were made from that sort of soft rubbery plastic that makes thin detail like the guns bendy rather than fragile.

  3. They are multi part plastic kits that someone has glued together at the factory. The Tie Fighters aren't as much of a problem due to their rough shape, but the X-wings and other ships with pointy details are at risk if handled without care.


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