25 June 2013

Star Wars X-wing: Y-wing expansion pack

The Y-wing is the last of the Rebel Alliance fighters currently available (though I certainly look forward to the B-wing release later this autumn!).

Being maneuverable like a drifting log and slow like a drugged Sloth - the Y-wing makes up for this by having the most durable hull and shield integrity among the Rebel fighters. The combined hit points amount to an impressive 8! Compare this to the 5 of an X-wing and 4 of an A-wing and you understand that this is one durable fighter.

The Y-wing also has a very good upgrade, the Ion cannon turret, which has a 360degree line of sight and is great for temporarily disabling enemy fighters. You can only ever inflict 1 damage with it, but a hit results in the enemy ship only being able to move "1 forward" as its next activation. This can be devastating in combination with a supporting fighter - but I suppose (and have read about such a thing) that you could field the Y-wings en masse and slowly cruise around the table disabling ships left and right.

Finally the Y-wing can bring along 2 Proton torpedoes which are great for using as a first strike on medium and long range - and you can also equip the Y-wing with an astro-mech. With the astro-mech's you receive in the starter set, the X-wing blister and the Y-wing blister you should have an array of interesting options to boost your Y-wing capabilities.

So what other drawbacks except for the slow speed and poor maneuverability are there? Well they ain't cheap, and upgrading them (which is a good idea) with all the good stuff will make them quite expensive per fighter. None of the pilots can use elite pilot skills; the attack value of the Y-wing is rather poor and its defense value abysmal.

The pilot skill among the 4 pilots included in the bliser is very evenly distributed and should offer enough options based upon pilot initiative in your list building.

As you can see in the pictures, you get the standard amount of extra stuff - tokens, cards and turn dial
I must comment on the paintjob for the Y-wings. Now I ordered two of these from the same store so maybe it was a bad batch - but I found the paintjob on the two Y-wings I got to be very lackluster.
One of the fighter was "OK" though imo far behind any other ship I have bought to date. The other Y-wing on the other hand looked as if the machine (or painter) was running low on paint. It had very poorly painted tactical markings on the engines and the yellow color was very thin. Both fighters were also poorly washed and as such lacked much of the needed blacklining.

As this annoyed me so much I took my own paints and brushes and added my own paintjob to the yellow and grey tactical markings, improved the paintjob of the cockpits with my own mix of grayish/blue and blacklining. I'm thinking about painting the rest of the cockpit white the way it should be looking, something I realized only after having taken pictures for the blog...
Of course having already started painting the models I naturally lapsed into OCD territory and ended up painting engine glow on all the rebel fighters. I looked for info about Imperial fighters but could not find anything showing them having an engine glow. Neither in the movie or in pictures online - so I left them as they were.


  1. Go for R2D2. Two TIE fighters would barely get the screens down, let alone damage the Y-Wing. Then a couple green maneuvers and your screens are back up again.

    I have long felt that R2d2 is too good and too cheap.

    1. On the other hand he is limited to 1 per force and by the games I've had the rebels need all the help they can get.


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