06 July 2013

1910-39 Swedish 28mm infantry review

Earlier this week I received an envelope with sample miniatures of some 1910-39 Swedish 28mm infantry from a fellow wargamer here in Sweden. This is a new range of miniatures which Björn, as the guy is called, is now selling - and from what I've seen they are used for a Swedish version of "A very British civil war". A quirky and fun idea, I guess they could see use with other games that focus on the interwar period such as Back of Beyond.

The range currently consists of 15 miniatures, of which 2 are officers, 1 soldier armed with an LMG and 12 riflemen in various poses and headgear. These miniatures are well sculpted, they have enough detail without being cluttered, the casting is great with little to few mould lines - and no flash. The white metal is also of a very high quality, it's hard and doesn't bend unless you use force, which makes the saber and rifles solid.

Also worth mentioning is the style of the sculpts themselves, they are somewhere in between the two camps of bulky miniatures, and miniatures with realistic proportions. But nothing is exaggerated or looks weird. In fact the sample miniatures I got are really impressive and imo quite cool (my favorite being the officer with the drawn sword).

Highly recommended for anyone who looks for something different! You can read more about the rest of the range and read all the painting tutorials and lots of useful information on the Swedish army during this period over at Björn's site: http://adalenfigures.blogspot.se/

You can also order miniatures from him by e-mailing: Bjorn_floderus@yahoo.se

I will post pictures of the painted up miniatures tomorrow.


  1. Is a Swedish version of "A Very British Civil War" catching on?

    1. It appears to be played by a group in Stockholm of which Björn is being a part.

  2. They are lovely models and can fit into a VBCW game set here in the UK to.


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