11 July 2013

4th and last Polish R35 platoon

Last platoon of R-35 tanks for my R-35 company belonging to the Polish 21st Light Tank Battalion.
I picked the last three tanks up from Peter Pig at Salute earlier this year and they have been sitting on my shelf and watching me paint By Fire & Sword miniatures for the past months. I figured I would complete the last few Early War units I have, among them another platoon of 7TP tanks, artillery, AT guns, dismounted cavalry and some HMG's. Just to add some variety to the painting. I had almost forgotten how fast WW2 stuff gets painted compared to brightly colored Renaissance units.

The tank elements of the company max out at 660 points, so it leaves plenty of room for infantry support and motorcycle recon troops. However the company is really lacking serious machinegun support, completely lacks AT guns, artillery assets or air support - as the 21st Light Tank Battalion was meant to act as a reserve unit when the war broke out.

Despite the limited options the company should still offer interesting gameplay. The tanks are great against infantry and can act as mobile AT guns if needed. There is plenty of infantry to defend with, and the recon units can clear the way for the slow moving tanks, you can also have a platoon of AA machineguns and engineers tag along. The trouble begins against other tanks as the AT value of the R-35 is a measly 4 and has only a 16" range with "one man turret" tacked on. It does on the other hand it is RoF3 when stationary and has Firepower 4+, but any engagement with enemy armor will require close firefights and the adds aren't really in favor of tiny tank platoons.

It will be interesting to run the full company this week against my friend  David's Soviet army as he too uses a list from the September Campaign v.2.

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