09 July 2013

A&A: Angels 20, 150 point dogfight

This weekend I brought Axis & Allies: Angels 20 down to the club and got David to play a game with me. He was already up to speed on most of the rules from the same demo that I played a couple of weeks ago. The game was 150 points per side.

David ran Axis with

2x BF110c (Average)
1x BF109 Ace (Ace)
1x BF109 Wingman (Average)

I ran the Allies with

1x Spitfire Ace (Ace)
4x Hurricane Mk1 (Average)

The table was made up of 3 map pieces arranged in a long tunnel, and all planes started on altitude 3 and up to 4 hexes in on the table.

I knew it would be a tough game since the BF110c's are tough as hell and deadly if they get to fire at you. Both sides began the game by trying to conduct climb maneuvers, of which only half of each force succeeded. First turn was uneventful, during turn two both sides started to fly past each other and maneuver around to get off some shots. This cat and mouse maneuvering went on for some time with little progress being made - until one of the Hurricanes accidently conducted a maneuver too close to the table edge and was forced to leave the area of battle - this evened out the numbers and increased the odds in favor for the Axis side.

It didn't take long until one Hurricane had been destroyed by German fighters, the Allies trying their best to gang up on the enemy only managed to inflict minor damage on the enemy.

The Allied side kept losing bit by bit, another Hurricane accidently left the table, and when the remaining Allied airplanes ganged up on a BF110c the attack was an embarrassing failure  which ended badly as the Spitfire was caught in a crossfire from the Germans. Remaining Hurricane was soon thereafter destroyed and the Axis won without having lost a single plane - even thoug they had taken some damage.
The Allies lost 3 planes being shot down and 2 that left the battle.

Next time I'm going to make a more square shaped gaming area using all 4 map pieces. Otherwise the fighting gets far too constricted and you risk losing planes off the long edges.


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