29 July 2013

BF&S Swedish reiters with arquebus review

Received a bunch of stuff earlier this week from Wargamer, among the stuff was a box of Swedish reiters with Arquebus. The Polish-Lithuanian commonwealth can field a regiment of Reiters (50-50 armored/unarmored) and that is something I want to field down the road as I've been very impressed with the combat performance of Swedish reiters. However, my main purpose for this boxed set is to use it  with the Lithuanian skirmish force consisting of winged hussars and reiters, dragoons and cossack style cavalry - led by Vincenty Gosiewski.

Over the past year I heard from my friends that they had problems with the Swedish range, the horses in particular. Wargamer addressed the issue last month in conjunction with the Kickstarter campaign. The horses which had previously had flawed legs are now perfectly cast

From what I could see the boxed set includes 4 different horses, and no less than 11 different riders (of which 3 unique sculpts make up the command team).

Among the troops there are two sculpts of reiters holding their arquebus in their lap, three reiters with drawn swords and three reiters with drawn pistols.

As usual you get a sheet with flags, brass wire poles and metal bases. Players intending to use the reiters with a Polish force may have to look into using other flags as the ones found in the box are for obvious reasons Swedish.

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  1. Looking cool. I wish I had time with things like this - but that was long time ago now. Nice to read your blog.


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