24 July 2013

By Fire & Sword demo run by Andreas

My buddy Andreas,  ran a demo of the game for his two visiting friends at the club last week. I borrowed him some of my Poles for the occasion, and also kept my distance since it's always distracting for new players to learn the game from two people at once.

I also figured it would be a good practice for Andreas who intends to run a BF&S demo up in Göteborg at the "Gubbspel" convention which takes place between August 30th and September 1st LINK . I will help him with some painted display miniatures and have already contacted Wargamer so that Andreas can get some “sample miniatures” to hand out to demo game participants. I will post more info about the Gubbspel BF&S demo in August.

In any case, I snapped some photos of the demo in between the turns of my own ongoing game. From what I gathered Andreas friends liked the game which perhaps isn't a big surprise but it's always great to add to the positive track record of these rules.


  1. Very nice game table and figures. I´m thinking a lot about this game, a lot...

  2. Hey Anatoli,
    Great looking photos once again. I can't wait to get my figures and start playing!


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