08 July 2013

By Fire & Sword Kickstarter ltd edition miniatures

As part of their Kickstarter campaign Wargamer included a bunch of Kickstarter specials/limited edition miniatures which were only available through the Kickstarter. Though I suspect you will be able to win some of these in official Wargamer sponsored tournaments as that was the case with a few other miniatures over the past year during tournaments in Poland.

In any case, I thought it may be interesting to take a look at the sculpts, these are not all the one's I wanted as some haven't yet been sculpted. I hope to paint most of these up as soon as possible, but may save a few for when I start a Cossack skirmish force later this year.

First out is Stefan Czarinecki (1599-1665), a legendary Polish military commander during the period of By Fire & Sword. He fought during three major campaigns: the Khmelnitsky cossack uprising, the Swedish invasion of Charles X and the war with Russia. From what I heard the historical generals will all get their own special rules and players will be able to use them in Division level games.
Next up is Lieutenant Gantzkopf, commander of the reiters in the Lithuanian Winged hussar skirmish list. He already has his own special rules in the PDF list.
The commander of the Lithuanian Winged hussar skirmish force, Vincenty Gosiewski, also a historical character who fought against the cossacks during the Khmelnitsky uprising. He too already has his own special rules in that PDF list.

The following are miniature renditions of the Wargamer staff, these represent a Western type infantry officer, a blacksmith, a Tartar soldier carrying away a naked female captive and a cossack checking the authenticity of his gold. These are all great miniatures and can be used either as single based special counters or as part of your regular units. On the last picture there is also an Orthodox priest, which can be used with Muscovite or Cossack armies.

The Danish ensign carrying a tattared battle standard, very similar to how he was portrayed in the artwork. A very cool miniature which can replace a standard bearer on foot for any Western type infantry regiment.
A Cossack witch, there are rules for this model - the rules are just for laughs and do not impact the game. This can be a great addition to a cossack commanders retinue.
And finally there is the Winged hussar casualty marker. The rider does unfortunately not come with a horse or wings. However, if you got this miniature, chances are that you intend to use it with your Winged hussar units - in which case you should have a few sets of left over Wings from the Winged Hussar box.


  1. I've just notice that You put Gosiewski and Gantzkopf on wrong horses ;) You should swap them, as Gosiewski should rather have 'winged hussar' horse with 'koncerz' sword, while Ganzkopf should have horse without such weapon.

    1. I will give Gantzkopf a horse from the Swedish Reiter set, just need to assemble the command base for my future Reiters :-)


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