30 July 2013

Fury of Dracula session - with house rules

As I mentioned in my last post about Fury of Dracula we were a bit frustrated with the core rules, and having found a list of really good thematic house rules we ran another session - and liked the changes.

It made for a more interesting game. You can read the changes HERE and adding to them we also used the rule that "Evasion" only allows Dracula to jump two cities away (pretty much like Wolf form).

Evasion is such a crappy rule in the core rules, it adds nothing and in essence only resets the game - making it twice as long. The new Evasion rule removed that element. Anders who played Dracula played very skillfully, but the rest of us who played the Hunters had a great time chasing and cornering him time and time again. It was a much more exciting and tense game than if we had not used the house rules.

As such I can really recommend them for anyone who seeks to spice things up.

Our session ended with a victory for Dracula, but it had been a very hard struggle up to the very end. The reason the hunters failed was mainly due to the lack of proper items to take on Dracula himself.

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