19 July 2013

Hunting BF110c's with Spitfire Mk I's

Another game of A&A: Angels 20 played with David. I really wanted to vaporize those BF110c's so I switched from quantity to quality in running two Spitfire Mk1 in a 100 point list vs David's Axis squadron.


2x Spitfire Mk1 (Ace)


2x BF110c (Average)
1x BF109 (Average)

It would prove that better pilots are indeed the way to go against the BF110c, the damn thing having a vitality of 8 and 4 hit points required something that increased the "to hit" by +1 regardless of the angle of fire.

The game got off to a tremendous Allied start with a single Spitfire obliterating the BF110c in a single lucky attack which scored 8 hits (lots of 6's rolled)!  Bringing the last 2 German planes proved to be trickier as both Spitfires took damage in return fire from the BF110c and strafing runs from the BF109.

I took some risks firing at the 6 o'clock position on the BF110c and ended up crippling my Spitfire's before finally bringing the last BF110c down. The problem now as that I had two airplanes that were easier to hit, had a harder time to hit the enemy themselves, couldn't go fast speed and had huge trouble performing maneuvers.

With this the enemy BF109 ran circles around the two Allied planes and managed to shoot them down almost effortlessly over the next couple of turns.

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