15 July 2013

Lords of Waterdeep exciting session

Played Lords of Waterdeep again this weekend,  it was a very interesting session due to the strategies used. The game provided some never before encountered plot quests which proved to be extremely useful.

I started out with the lord which only gives bonus points for buildings by the end of the game, so I was hovering over the Builders Hall location throughout the game - but also had to focus on quickly picking and finishing high end quests rewarding the player with around 20 victory points apiece. About halfway into the game I completed a great plot quest which allowed me to once per turn assign an agent to an already occupied area. This proved to be extremely useful several turns in a row, and especially during the endgame turns.

David managed to complete a plot quest which gave him victory points for using intrigue cards (which he was doing all the time) and also additional points for completing certain quest types. To tell the truth I was frustrated as hell when he kept cashing in a steady stream of victory points for "nothing", so be on the lookout for that plot quest and be sure to grab it as soon as it appears!

David also managed to use the mandatory quest on me during the last turn when I was down to just two agents - just as I was about to collect some resources and finish a 20VP quest!  I think this is where the game showed the depth of the mechanics as I almost pulled off a chaing of well executed actions which were a hair away from allowing me to finish my high end quest - unfortunately I was too consumed with trying to crack the possibility of beating both the mandatory quest and my intended quest to realize I could just finish 1 quest per action and I would only be able to finish my high end quest after using my very last agent - and that agent had to  finish the mandatory quest... crap....

I still ended up winning by a very slim margin, mainly thanks to having cashed in 30VP on buildings and a few VP for left over resources. I really love this game.

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  1. It does look like a very in-depth game. I'm not usually a baord gamer, but I might be tempted into taking a look.


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